Fredericton: Climate Change Action Timeline


Joined FCM Partners for Climate Protection

Joined FCM Partners for Climate Protection

The City joined this network of Canadian municipalities committed to greenhouse gas reductions to increase internal knowledge on climate change impacts and commit to greenhouse gas reduction strategies.

Started raising intersections

Between 2000 and 2011, sections of three roads were raised to minimize closures during flood events.


Started increasing major culvert sizing

Started increasing major culvert sizing

Between 2004 and 2013, 14 major culverts (nine twin and five single) were upgraded to increase capacity to accommodate 1.2 x a one in 100-year rain/flooding event. This work was completed to help mitigate the effects of flooding.


Introduced attenuation ponds

Between 2005 and 2009 2 attenuation ponds were completed and a draining diversion was created to mitigate flood impacts.


Hybrid Vehicle Pilot

The City leased three hybrid vehicles as a pilot to monitor decrease in energy use, and thus greenhouse gas emissions.

Anti-idling initiative

Anti-idling initiative

The City held an internal initiative to deter City employees from idling in City fleet vehicles and equipment, resulting in financial savings and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Launched GHG reduction strategy

The City of Fredericton launched corporate and community greenhouse gas reduction strategies and targets through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Partner for Climate Protection program.


Green purchasing program

Green purchasing program

The City launched a purchasing program to ensure that green paper and cleaning products were purchased; Environmental considerations also became a part of larger purchasing decisions.

Climate Change Action Team

A Climate Change Action Team, made up of staff from different departments, was assembled to focus on climate risks and opportunities for mitigation and adaptation. This was relaunched in 2018 as an Environmental Leadership Team with a broader focus.

Green Matters launch

Green Matters launch

Green Matters launched as the public-facing campaign to the GHG reduction initiative, raising environmental awareness, helping residents include more environmental activities in their daily lives, and reducing community greenhouse gas emissions.

Kyoto commitment in Municipal Plan

The City of Fredericton made a commitment to the Kyoto Protocol (reducing greenhouse gases) a part of the official City Plan.


Annual GHG reduction and environment report introduced

An annual report was introduced to track environmental initiatives undertaken by all City departments and staff and to track results.

Guidelines for stormwater infrastructure

The City released “Guidelines for Stormwater Infrastructure in the City of Fredericton,” a document that provides guidance to designers on stormwater drainage systems that provide an appropriate level of service while protecting the environment.


City purchases hybrid vehicles

City purchases hybrid vehicles

The City purchased two of the three hybrid vehicles it initially leased.


Corporate emissions down 17% over 2005 levels

The City of Fredericton met its FCM Partners for Climate Protection goal by achieve all five corporate milestones and reducing corporate emissions by 17% over four years by taking several measures to reduce energy use and optimize operations for efficiency.

Community emissions down by 14% per capita

The City met its FCM Partners for Climate Protection community goal, in part by implementing a well-rounded and highly visible public campaign through Green Matters.


Started Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Started Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The City began and is still in the process of drafting and implementing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan that will act as a framework and guiding document for identifying climate-related risks and developing adaptation projects or components to projects to mitigate impacts in the future.

Working towards heavy equipment being more efficient

The City changed its heavy equipment engine specifications to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Interim compliant.


Electric vehicle purchase

The City purchased its first electric vehicle as part of its fleet.


New buses more efficient

New buses more efficient

City Transit buses that are being purchased now are up to 30% more efficient than previous models, leading to savings in fuel costs and GHG emissions. Two of the new bus model were purchased in 2016, four were purchased in 2017 and four were purchased in 2018.