Fredericton: Smart Energy Timeline


Building retrofits began

Building retrofits began

The City of Fredericton took its first major step towards energy efficiency in 2000. The City received federal funding though the “Municipal Building Retrofit Program,” which was used to complete lighting upgrades, install lighting and heating controls and add insulation and weather-stripping to buildings. The upgrades created significant cost savings, of up to 20% on energy bills, for the City.


Switch to LCD computer screens at City

Switch to LCD computer screens at City

Energy use was decreased in internal municipal operations by switching to LCD computer screens.


Traffic signals switched to LED

Traffic signals switched to LED

Completed in 2007, all traffic signals across the City have been upgraded to LED lighting. This has saved 80% of the energy used compared to that in the previous traffic signals.

Switched to LED Christmas lights

Switched to LED Christmas lights

The City switched to LED Christmas lights for all Municipal displays in 2007.


Started to switch city-owned downtown street lighting to LED

Started to switch city-owned downtown street lighting to LED

Street lighting in the downtown has been converted to LED, saving money and energy.

Energy analyst hired

An Energy Analyst has been on staff with the City since 2008. In addition to ensuring optimal heating and cooling in all municipal buildings, the Energy Analyst is responsible for tracking municipal energy consumption and working with internal and external stakeholders to enhance energy performance and cost savings over time.

BACnet® tracking began

BACnet® tracking began

The City began to develop its centrally monitored Building Automation and Control network for more complex municipal buildings to pinpoint energy issues and anomalies remotely. More than 20 municipal buildings are now connected, including all arenas, police and fire stations and City Hall.


Conversion from oil to natural gas

The City switched all municipal buildings from oil to natural gas to increase safety, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase savings and energy performance.

Energy savings re-invested

Council agreed to re-invest energy savings into continuing energy upgrades and retrofits. This approach continues to allow for reductions in energy use and increased savings over time.


Building recommissioning and internal audits

Building Services assumed management responsibilities for city-owned recreation facilities and began monitoring and managing energy use in line with programming needs.


NB Power switched to LED streetlights

The switch to LED streetlights helps the City to save money and energy on utility bills to light public areas.


Stopped accepting utility budget increases

Most utilities (electricity, natural gas) increase rates by up to two percent per year. Given this, City Council budgets for a two percent increase in the City’s utility budget each year. Because cost savings from energy upgrades have been so significant, City staff have refused the budget increases and have instead asked to re-invest the funds into further energy upgrades and projects.

Two Smart Energy Projects

Two Smart Energy Projects

LED retrofits were completed at Willie O’Ree (Ice Surface One) and Lady Beaverbrook Arena to improve efficiency.

Heat recovery at Willie O’Ree

Waste heat from compressors at Willie O’Ree began being recovered to preheat hot water heaters in the arena, saving energy at the facility.

Expression of Interest for energy partner released

The City of Fredericton put out a public call for Expressions of Interest to gain professional expertise and recommendations on municipal energy projects and designs moving forward.


Energy auditing at two facilities

The City of Fredericton formed a partnership with SimpTek to analyze energy use at Grant Harvey and the Fredericton Public Library. This technology allows staff to understand how energy is used in the buildings and how to manage that energy use to decrease usage, costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy auditing of 29 City-owned buildings

The City of Fredericton hired an engineering consulting firm to complete an audit of 29 municipal buildings to determine a list of feasible energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that lower energy use and cost and increase environmental performance.

Solar panels at Killarney Lodge

Solar panels at Killarney Lodge

The City contracted MJM Solar Solutions to install 17kW of solar panels on the roof of Killarney Lake Lodge. In partnership with NB Power’s Net Metering Program, the City will be able to use the solar energy to power the Lodge, offsetting energy costs and environmental impacts. The project has a payback period of approximately 16 years and should account for 17% of energy consumption at the Lodge annually.

Three Smart Energy projects

The City undertook three major Smart Energy projects during 2017, including window replacement at York Fire Station to enhance the building envelope and decrease heat loss; the installation of a voltage harmonizer at Willie O’Ree to save energy and costs; and the SimpTek pilot project to monitor energy use in two municipal buildings.


Municipal Energy Strategy

The City of Fredericton hired a consultant to help lay out a Municipal Energy Plan that will guide staff and Council towards a shared energy vision for the City and a roadmap of how to get there.